Bryan Graf: Landlines at Atlanta Contemporary Art Center

In Landlines, Graf continues his exploration across a varied range of photographic approaches and subjects. Finding equal importance in conceptual, visceral, and narrative approaches to the medium. The exhibition title, Landlines, is borrowed from landline telephones- which are in a fixed, specific location to communicate with someone. While we’re communicating from this place, there’s also the ambient sounds and beautiful static surrounding us. Thoughts fade in and out, lists are made, doodles jotted on notepads – activities that are not directly a part of our conversation, but nonetheless are there; active in space and time. There is value in the silent pauses, daydreams and interferences that are a part of the landscape of communication.

The photographs in this show are notes, recordings, observations, and questions from specific places and times. The peripheral paths of thought mixed with a seemingly clear description creates a kind of subconscious camouflage. This is an optical research into the debris of the days; a self-portrait of the dust that sculpts us.