Jade Doskow is an artistic partner in photography of Freshkills Park in NYC

Architectural and landscape photographer Jade Doskow is known for her rigorously composed and eerily poetic images that examine the intersection of people, nature, and time.

Doskow is an Artistic Partner in Photography of Freshkills Park. Through her large-format, full-color images of the site, the transformations — natural and unnatural, dynamic and  incremental, seasonal and yearly — become visible. Combining within each picture the beauty and luminosity of the Hudson River School of landscape paintings with the jarring, surreal structural elements inherent to the site — methane wells, leachate plants, roads built for landfill operations that are still in use today — Doskow’s images offer a vision of a new and highly engineered concept of wilderness.

[© 2018/2019 Jade Doskow, New York City Skyline with One World Trade from North Mound, Looking Northeast toward Main Creek and the Greenbelt, Autumn] [© 2019 Jade Doskow, Spring Flora, Late Afternoon, Little South Mound] [© 2019 Jade Doskow, North Mound, Winter, Topographical Ridge with Methane Wells] [© 2018/2019 Jade Doskow, Command Center, Leachate Plant] [© 2019 Jade Doskow, Springtime Meadows, South Mound] [© 2018/2019 Jade Doskow, View West Across Highway 440 with Retired Dumpsters in Foreground from Little South Mound, Winter] [© 2019 Jade Doskow, Interior Road Encircling South Mound, Early Winter, Freshkills] [© 2018/2019 Jade Doskow, Glittering Mollusks, Sundown, North Mound Beach near Kayak Launch] [© 2018/2019 Jade Doskow, Leachate Plant Rooftop Infrastructure, Autumn] [© 2018/2019 Jade Doskow, View from Land Bridge Facing Little South Mound, Late Autumn] [© 2019 Jade Doskow, North Mound, Winter] [© 2019 Jade Doskow, South Mound, Sundown, Early Spring] [© 2018/2019 Jade Doskow, Looking Northwest from East Mound Toward Hogan Bridge and Main Creek, Early Autumn]

Prior to working within the landscape of Freshkills, Doskow’s long-term project Lost Utopias examined the remaining architecture, art, and landscaping of international world’s fairs and how these otherworldly sites aged into an unforeseen future. The monograph of this work was published in 2016 and listed by American Photo as one of the top photo books of the year. Throughout her work, a consistent questioning in regards to the utopian/ dystopian clashing within the built environment is brought to the fore.

Based in New York, she holds a B.A. from New York University and an M.F.A.  in photography from the School of Visual Arts. She has lectured and exhibited internationally, including at Cornell University in Ithaca, Forma Meravigli Gallery in Milan, Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, and as part of the School of Visual Arts i3 Lecture series. Selected press includes Photograph, AiA Architect, Dezeen,  Athens Voice, Newsweek Japan, The Independent, Smithsonian, Slate, Business Insider, The Atlantic, American Photo, Design Arts Daily, NPR’s Picture Show, ArchDaily, and Wired. Doskow is one of fifty international women artists from 1960-present to be featured in the 2018 October publication 50 Contemporary Women Artists. Her work is represented by Front Room Gallery in New York City and Tracey Morgan Gallery in Asheville, North Carolina. Doskow is on the photography faculty of the International Center of Photography in New York City.