Laura Letinsky: Time's Assignation - Publications - Tracey Morgan Gallery -  Contemporary fine art gallery in Downtown Asheville, North Carolina

The Polaroid, now anachronistic, is here conjoined with Laura Letinsky’s still life’s subject: the remains of appetites never entirely sated. This collection of black-and-white images was made in the studio from 1997 until 2008, when Type 55 film was discontinued. Akin to sketches, Letinsky’s work explores focus, composition, exposure, and most importantly, light itself, leading to her larger scale color works, for which she is best known. Small, slow, and raw, these pictures reveal a process of asking. This way or that? More or less? Now or then? Insistently beautiful in their decomposition, now stabilized, their high key tones slip into a white veil, with the darker tones metallized in hues of taupe, gold, and gunmetal gray. In their subject and materiality, these images bespeak of time’s rapid and unrelenting progression. Their black-and-white ravaged descriptions—coupled with their singularity and seriality—bespeak of the distance between having and wanting. These images are an homage to and lamentation of time’s passage as it is seemingly ensured and enshrined through the photograph’s exegesis. 

  • Hardcover / 9.5 x 11.5 inches
    70 images / 180 pages

  • Photography by Laura Letinsky

    Essay by Nathalie Herschdorfer

  • ISBN: 9781942185222