Press Release

Tracey Morgan Gallery is pleased to present Daybreak, a selection of new paintings by New York based artist, An Hoang. This is Hoang’s second exhibition with the gallery and runs concurrently with an exhibition of landscape photographs by Jade Doskow. 

An Hoang’s paintings reference fleeting moments in nature and landscape. The 14 x 11 inch paintings in this exhibition exist in the space between figuration and abstraction. The ambiguity between these two modes creates a subtle tension as the eye traces the shapes in search of recognizable forms.

The works are the product of multiple iterations: layering paint, wiping away, and repeating. In this way Hoang collaborates with her material, and much like a lived experience, the invisible layers inform the visible ones. As you wander through her paintings, Hoang’s colorful palette and soft lines merge together, becoming a world that is both lyrical and contemplative.

An Hoang’s work has been exhibited widely in New York, NY; Portland, ME; East Hampton, NY; Nashville, TN, and the Netherlands. Her work is included in several prominent private and public collections. The artist lives in Upstate New York and works in Brooklyn, NY.

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