“I paint the daily surroundings that normally go unnoticed—a glimpse of the bookshelf, the manhole cover I walk over on my route to the grocery store, my pliers hanging on a pegboard.

My paintings are at once rooted in the unique experiences of my own life, and in conversation with the larger history of American painting. If you’re an art nerd like me, you may notice some cheeky nods to our painting forefathers; Agnes Martin, Franz Kline, Barnett Newman. I make every mark by hand, without shortcuts. This practice is one part meditation, one part Yankee work ethic.”

Hannah is a painter living in Asheville, North Carolina. She studied at Yale University and Boston University, and has exhibited internationally. She is represented by Slag Gallery in New York. Her work was shown recently at The Drawing Center, NYC and at Volta, Basel. Last year she had her fourth solo show in New York at The Lodge Gallery and a solo museum show at the University of Maine Museum of Art. Her show Caring for Surfaces was on view this year at Boston University. In 2018, her show The Persistence of Weeds will be on view at the Turchin Center for Visual Art.