7 Year Itch - A Survey from 2017-2023


January 24 – February 24, 2024

Oil on panel of a collapsing billboard with a weeping female figure set in a barren landscape

Margaret Curtis

Collapse, 2022

Oil an ash on panel

60h x 60w in
152.40h x 152.40w cm


Wall sculpture half forward facing portrait of an asian american female the other half is a painted flock of birds

Sachiko Akiyama

Departure, 2021

Wood, paint

26h x 13w x 1d in
66.04h x 33.02w x 2.54d cm


Two nude full length female figure set on a floral blue background with hand stitching

Orly Cogan

Bloom, 2018

Hand stitched embroidery, appliqué and paint on vintage print fabric

61h x 49w in
154.94h x 124.46w cm


Photograph of a shot up tin printing plate of the sculpture David

Mike Smith (1951-)

Erwin, TN, 2018

Archival Pigment Print

80h x 60w in
203.20h x 152.40w cm

Edition of 3


Black and white photograph of a woman tossing a white dog over a creek bed

Bertien van Manen (1942-)

Helen and Camy, Cumberland, KY, 1987

Archival Pigment Print

16 1/2h x 23 1/2w in
41.91h x 59.69w cm

2 of 7


black and white tin type of the sun on the horizon

Cole Caswell

Max Patch, Plate #047, 2023


10h x 8w in
25.40h x 20.32w cm


Abstract oil on canvas with black background and multicolor impasto feather like lines radiating

Luke Whitlatch

My Blue Knuckles Do as They Will, 2020

dye, acrylic and oil on canvas

24 x 24 inches


photograph of a young black girl in a bright pink swimsuit staring at the camera from a pool

Stacy Kranitz

Beckley, West Virginia, 2011, 2011

Archival Pigment Print

16h x 24w in
40.64h x 60.96w cm

Edition of 5


Abstract watercolor on paper with spiraling images. Colors are all in the neutral range

Gerald van de Wiele

Hot Wired, 2019

Watercolor and red conte crayon on paper

17 7/8h x 24w in
45.40h x 60.96w cm


Anthropomorphic totemic figure on a yellow background

Stella Alesi

December 6, from the SQUISHY series, 2022

Oil on oil paper

36h x 30w in
91.44h x 76.20w cm


Hand carved, hand painted wood replica of an art history book. Sculpure is bright yellow with the words ART on the front

Hannah Cole

Art: A New History, 2023

Acrylic on maple

10 1/2h x 8w x 2d in
26.67h x 20.32w x 5.08d cm


color photograph of an amtrak dining car table set for service with a red carnation in a vase

McNair Evans

Sunset Limited 019002, 2012

Exhibition Print


Photograph of a dark blue bedroom with the glow of an exterior light reflected on the wall

McNair Evans

from the series Confessions for a Son

Archival Pigment Print


Photograph of a historic bedroom of the daughter of William Faulkner. A portrait of the young girl sits on a mantle able the fireplace, two rockers, book case and a green chair are bu the window

Tema Stauffer

Jill's Room, Rowan Oak, Oxford, Mississippi, 2020

Archival Pigment Print

40h x 50 1/2w in
101.60h x 128.27w cm

Edition of 3


Photograph of a vase with a ring of peach roses and other flora

James Henkel

Arrangement #4
From the Series Botanicals, 2020

Archival Pigment Print

30h x 24w in
76.20h x 60.96w cm

Edition 3


7 photographs of the artist's hand gradually becoming enveloped by wisteria, dominant colors are blue and green

Bryan Graf

Palm Fade (self portrait in a garden state), 2019

Set of 7 unique Photograms

10h x 8w in
25.40h x 20.32w cm


Photographic collage, with dark imagery from Angkor Watt temple

Sandi Haber Fifield

GD19_279, 2019

Unique Archival Collaged Pigment Prints; Graphite; Vellum

18h x 15w in
45.72h x 38.10w cm

Framed: 22h x 19 1/4w x 1d in
55.88h x 48.90w x 2.54d cm



abstract oil on canvas with greens, blues and reds as dominant colors

An Hoang

Another Look, 2021

Oil on canvas

14h x 11w in
35.56h x 27.94w cm


Photograph of a young black boy flying a kite near a landfill

Stacy Kranitz

Ronaldson Field Debris Landfill, Alsen, LA, 2017

Archival Pigment Print

16h x 24w in
40.64h x 60.96w cm

Edition of 3


Photograph of an industrial landscape with small stacks, a bridge in the fall. Reminiscent of a Peter Bruegel painting

Jade Doskow

Landscape, Freshkills (After Bruegel), 2018

Archival pigment print

40h x 50w in
101.60h x 127w cm



large-scale cut out of half dome at Yosemite

Nicholas Hall

Poster #1 (Yosemite), 2014

Dimensional Paper Cut-Out with collage

26h x 72w in
66.04h x 182.88w cm



abstract fiber diptych with a black and white graffiti motif. The piece also have delicate floral patterns and loose hanging strips of fabric

Rachel Meginnes

Cadence, 2023

Digitally woven deconstructed quilts

37h x 57w in
93.98h x 144.78w cm


Laura Letinsky

Untitled #29, from the series Ill Form and Void Full, 2011

Archival Pigment Print

35h x 44 1/2w in
88.90h x 113.03w cm



Bernard Plossu (1945-)

Paris, 1973

Vintage Gelatin silver print

12 x 16 inches (paper)
9.5 x 14 inches (image)


Kirsten Stolle

New Hunters, 2022

Collage on 1965 Monsanto magazine advertisement

11h x 8w in
27.94h x 20.32w cm

Framed: 13 7/8h x 11w in
35.24h x 27.94w cm



Ben Nixon

Night Cruiser, 2021

Acrylic, graphite and pen on paper

11h x 12w in
27.94h x 30.48w cm

Framed: 15h x 15 3/4w in
38.10h x 40.01w cm


Laura Letinsky

Untitled 052
from the series Preparing for Flowers, 2020

Porcelain; glaze

3 1/2h x 5w x 5d in
8.89h x 12.70w x 12.70d cm


Workingman Collective

SHIFT (boat diptych), 2022

Archival pigment print mounted on MDF

20 x 20 x 1 1/8 inches (each)



Abstract painting. Green pigment on canvas with hand stitched areas of bright red

Nava Lubelski

Like Those Monsters, 2009

Thread on stained canvas

12h x 12w in
30.48h x 30.48w cm


Zander Stefani

Monument, 2022

Acrylic, colored pencil on wood panel

18h x 24w in
45.72h x 60.96w cm

Framed: 19 1/2h x 25 1/4w in
49.53h x 64.14w cm


Colby Caldwell

otff_(22), 2021 (printed 2022)

Archival pigment print mounted to dibond and waxed

27 1/2h x 20w in
69.85h x 50.80w cm

Edition 1/10


Dawn Roe

Si's Branch (Portland)
from the series, "Conditions for an Unfinished Work of Mourning: Wretched Yew", 2019

Gelatin silver print on fiber-based paper

set of 8, 10 x 8 inches each (paper size)


Gesche Würfel

Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve, NC (1), version 1, 2020-2021

Solarized and roasted gelatin silver print on glossy RC paper

8h x 10w in
20.32h x 25.40w cm


Randy Shull

Mayan Dream, 2021

Acrylic on hammock

Framed: 47 1/2h x 41 1/2w in
120.65h x 105.41w cm


Rachel Meginnes

History Repeating, 2019

Deconstructed quilt, hand stitching, image transfer, acrylic, and spray paint

80h x 64w in
203.20h x 162.56w cm



Erin E. Castellan

Sunshine, Softness, and SBC, 2022

Hand-embroidery, hand-spun yarn, ribbon, dye print on collaged fabric

34h x 26w in
86.36h x 66.04w cm